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Hello Bill cloud-based cashier services for small entrepreneurs

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Tinuku ~ HelloBill presents sophisticated cashier system management to very small entrepreneurs. Businesses with minimal budgets typically use traditional accounting systems, now a startup providing business management services enables street vendors to run businesses using cloud-based financial systems.

Tinuku Hello Bill cloud-based cashier services for small entrepreneurs

Hello Bill gives opportunity to very small entrepreneurs using sophisticated cashier system only by subscribing Rp100 thousand per month (US$7.52). Cheap software packages offer advanced framing systems and full cloud support using only mobile phones.

The system also facilitates the details of the money goes in the cashier, especially on the franchise business as a determinant of financial bookkeeping of a healthy business. Services enable businesses to monitor financial flows in detail and transparently.

"We provide solutions to franchisors and franchisees," said Ponky Sutanto, Chief Executive Office of Hello Bill, Sunday, May 21st, 2017. "Franchisors monitor their outlets, but also get in touch with both franchises."

"Not only for Point of Sales (POS) cashier, we also help franchise business for retail, restaurant, salon, spa, and others," said Sutanto.

Sutanto says the price is cheap to run, but allows the franchises to monitor the incoming and outgoing cash inflows carefully. So do the franchisors who can monitor the overall condition of the business development of partners.

The entrepreneurs also do not need a computer device to run this system. They only need Android-based phones or Ipad and a printer that can be purchased at affordable prices.

"The technology is getting more sophisticated, we just use mobile phones or tablets," said Sutanto.

Hallo Bill offers a cashier system for businesses that have more diverse products, more product numbers that require a more adequate filing system. Hallo Bill also provides premium services for more complex management.

"For street vendors of Rp 100 thousand or Rp 3,300 per day, for bigger entrepreneurs we have a system of Rp 200 thousand per month," said Sutanto.


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