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Stanley Robotics created Stan to manage car parks

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Tinuku ~ Stanley Robotics has developed a solution to solve the problems in the parking lot. The smart robot named Stan autonomously and electrically collected cars from the drop-off area of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris and transported it to the nearest parking lot after the owner left their vehicle.

Tinuku Stanley Robotics created Stan to manage car parks

The car users do not have to bother to park their cars because Stanley Robotics has created Stan robot valet to replace your energy and time. An intelligent design of an autonomous robot tool will accomplish the task of putting your vehicle into a row neatly.

The process begins when a customer makes a reservation via a company application or website, before parking in the terminal. Stan will go in to collect the vehicle and automatically adjust the dimensions of each car. Then gently lift the car off the ground.

The system is claimed as a way to save costs, Stanley Robotics said the system will increase the number of cars by up to 50 percent in a parking area. They also show the operating costs will decrease without the need for routine maintenance. Stanley Robotics created Stan to manage car parks

Stan performs an elaborate maneuvering to tidy up the car into a dense row at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris where travelers can leave their vehicles in a booth near the airport and Stan will take care of the rest.

The driver locks the car and takes the key, because Stan does not need it. Car owners only confirm reservations on the touch screen and the system is even connected to the flight details, so once you get back from the trip, your vehicle is ready to wait.


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