Bitcoin prices hit US$ 2,400

Tinuku ~ The bitcoin value repeats at its highest level throughout history. The value of the bitcoin digital currency hit a new record high on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 local time. The bitcoin exchange rate now breached US$2,400 after a steep rally over the past few weeks as demand for the crypto assets grew.

Tinuku Bitcoin prices hit US$ 2,400

The rise of new tokens to fund startup companies using blockchain technology makes new history.

Blockchain is a technology managed by a network containing multiple computers that can track the movement of any asset without the need for a central regulator.

Bitcoin touched a record US$2,409 on the platform BitStamp, previously this digital currency also touched the level of US$2.363.

Throughout the year 2017 bitcoin value has doubled. On May 19, 2017 on the CoinDesk platform recorded in the range of US$1,951.87 and earlier on May 11 at US$1.820,

The demand for this currency is getting bigger. The strong demand for bitcoin in Japan also triggered the rise in the virtual exchange rate.

Political uncertainty contributed to the rise in digital money. Bitcoin has become a safe haven for investors.

Bitcoin enables the movement of money around the world very quickly and anonymously. Experts predict bitcoin prices could skyrocket to US$3,000 or more by end 2017.