Subaru Corp announced electric cars in 2021

Tinuku ~ Subaru finally announces environmentally friendly car technology. An important step comes from Japan's increasingly underdeveloped car makers in technological innovations under Europe, the United States, China, South Korea and India. This official statement was delivered by Chief Executive Officer of Subaru Corp., Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, Thursday, May 25, 2017.

Tinuku Subaru Corp announces electric cars in 2021

Car manufacturers in Europe, the United States, China, South Korea and India are racing to create future vehicles, while Japan is lagging behind. Now Subaru announced a historic statement for the company.

Yoshinaga said Subaru is currently investing to further strengthen its R&D to create the technology of the future. One of them by creating a light electric car using a single platform in 2021.

Subaru will prioritize connected or autonomous electrification vehicles and ensure it will have a choice of plug-in hybrid models in 2018 and electric cars in 2021 when battery prices are lower.

Yoshinaga says Subaru does not have a special platform for electric vehicles and offers only a version of the existing model.

Existing platforms like those already used on the New Impreza can also be used for electric car variants.

A release says the Japanese auto industry continues to decline as it has lagged behind in technological innovations and is predicted to lose out to compete for future automotive markets.

Recently Japanese automakers are aware of and ready to raise R&D costs up to 2.85 trillion yen for fiscal year 2017 or new record figures, although corporate profits continue to decline.