Google launched Jamboard as sophisticated whiteboard

Tinuku ~ Whiteboard did not miss to adjust the digital world to use touchscreen technology. Now Google has launched a device called Jamboard which this week released to the market at a price of US$5,000. The new device is not just a giant tablet, but also features more sophisticated.

Tinuku Google launched Jamboard as sophisticated whiteboard

Google launches Jamboard, but what's so special about it? Jamboard is a conventional whiteboard that can be written on a special stylus, but the 55-inch touchscreen device recognizes handwriting and renders it back in standard form on the screen.

Other ingenuity is to recognize the various forms the user scratches and turns them automatically into a more standard, and affixed photos, emoticons, stickers, and screenshots of the website.

The screen can also be displayed in other Jamboard units elsewhere, for example at another office of a company to facilitate remote collaboration. Jamboard is built as a productivity support tool in the enterprise environment.

The screen can also be forwarded to a smartphone or tablet device using apps on Android and iOS. The development of this smart device was known to the public last year, but the new Google this week released to the market and while only limited in the United States.

The touch screen has a 4K resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate supported by 16 touch points simultaneously and Nvidia Jetson TX1 processor. Google includes support for features such as HDMI, USB type-C, Wi-Fi, NFC, cameras for video conferencing and gigabit ethernet.

In addition to the device unit, the Jamboard user's office subscribes to the G Suite office collaboration service for US$600 per year.