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Sungrow unveiled world's largest floating solar power plant

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Tinuku ~ Chinese's Sungrow Power Supply Co has successfully piloted the largest floating solar power plant in the world. Suppliers of floating photovoltaic (PV) inverter systems have announced the linkage of a 40 MW power-generating PV inverter in Huainan, China, as the world's largest.

Tinuku Sungrow unveiled world's largest floating solar power plant

The power plant built by Sungrow Power Supply Co is lined up in a former coal mine that is now inundated by rainfall with water depths ranging from 4 to 10 meters. Mineral water has no other uses and Huainan in southern Anhui province has had solutions for other needs.

"The power plant is utilizing available land, reducing demand for new land," a local government spokesman said in a statement.

China has long been criticized for the world's highest carbon emissions record. The inauguration of Huainan is the latest achievement of the Chinese government in a continuous effort to lead the world in the adoption of renewable energy.

The eco-friendly power plant in Huainan is just one of many renewable energy operations that have sprung up all over China. In 2016, the country launched a similar 20 MW floating facility in the same region.

China also operates Longyangxia Dam Solar Park is a 10-square-mile land-building facility that is touted as the largest solar power plant on earth ever built.

The central Sungrow SG2500-MV inverter system integrates inverters, transformers and switchgear. Sungrow claims the power station is a lower-cost turnkey station because of its 20-foot container design.

The SunBox PVS-8M / 16M-W Combiner Box for floating power plant design works so stable in an environment with high moisture and salt exposure. Sungrow is one of the largest PV inverter system suppliers in the world with over 31 gigawatts installed worldwide in December 2016.

By 2020, China claims cheaper prices for PV development of more than a third are projected to emulate coal in the next decade. The nation has also announced plans to increase the use of non-fossil fuel energy sources by up to 20 percent.


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