Hyundai Motor launched electric-powered bus Elec City

Tinuku ~ Hyundai Motor has launched its first electric-powered Elec City bus. South Korea's largest automaker has officially launched large public transport vehicles to strengthen the national commercial vehicle market base and face tougher emissions tightening regulations in many countries.

Tinuku Hyundai Motor launched electric-powered bus Elec City

South Korea's largest automaker on Thursday, May 25, 2017 said it will start selling Elec City next year.

The company is trying to introduce cost-effective and environmentally friendly buses and trucks to support the major transportation business sector.

A launch ceremony was held during Hyundai Truck & Business Mega Fair event at Hyundai Motor Studio in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province. The company is developing buses and electric trucks since 2010.

Elec City is powered by a 256 kilowatt lithium polymer battery to operate along 290 kilometers with a single charge. A full battery recharge only takes about 67 minutes.

Hyundai hopes the electric bus will soon replace the diesel engine buses as the South Korean government implements regulations to reduce vehicle emissions.

An increase in the number of national battery charging stations will also help increase sales of Elec City and other electric vehicles.

Han Seong-kwon, president of Hyundai's commercial vehicle division, said the company will increase investment to develop environmentally friendly and safe commercial vehicles.