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IBM has new sense cloud business ecosystems in India

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Tinuku ~ IBM India has announced plans to focus on small and medium-sized businesses in driving Cloud's business growth. Technology companies already have large customers, but now they are seeing little to get into the Cloud and realize that there is a spectrum of new customers available under the pyramid.

Tinuku IBM has a new sense business ecosystems in India

"In Cloud's journey, we are increasingly very relevant to small enterprises in shaping Cloud, this is our focus area for now," said Vikas Arora, Cloud Business Leader for IBM India and South Asia, in an interview at the India Cloud Forum in Mumbai.

"India will present some of the largest and most sophisticated use cases due to the country's large consumer population, India is also one of the world's largest developers in the world as the foundation of innovation," Arora said.

"When we work on the assessment of workload, customers think of hybrids. India is an area that will give us more business. This is a great opportunity for us to build cloud technology," Arora said.

IBM is traditionally a company with a very strong base. Their businesses have diverse schemes in the manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and health sectors, but now small businesses offering great business opportunities are the education sector, startup, diagnostic laboratories and logistics.

"There are other types of customers coming in. The spectrum is growing and becoming much more extensive and diverse, these groups are building the ability to compete with large companies and need Cloud support very quickly," Arora said.

IBM has listed the latest client portfolios are Meru Cabs, Aditya Birla Fashion, Titan Industries, and Kalyan Jewelers are very different from traditional clients of the company so far. IBM is working inside a new ecosystem to bring Cloud to the next level.


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