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Japan's ultraluxurious Shiki-Shima Suite train has made first debut

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Tinuku ~ The latest Japanese ultraluxurious train, the Shiki-Shima Suite, debuted on Monday. The champagne-colored train made its first voyage as an aesthetic adventure in elegant design, geometric windows and luxurious sofas comparable to luxury train travel services.

Tinuku Japan's ultraluxurious Shiki-Shima Suite train has made first debut

The super-luxury Train Shiki-Shima Suite has made the trip for the first time. The luxury rail has two floors and the interior is decorated with traditional materials such as washi wood and Japanese varnish. The artistic design that has become part of Japanese culture blends with greatness.

"With Shiki-Shima, we want to create a new level of service and history in train travel," said Tetsuro Tomita, President of East Japan Railway aka JR East.

Shiki-Shima is 10 trains consisting of 17 guest rooms in three classes. The most expensive package is US$8,493 per person. The 20-square-meter duplex room with a bathtub made of hinoki is a type of Japanese evergreen tree that has a refreshing aroma.

The train departs from Ueno Station in Tokyo on Monday morning to begin a three-day three-night journey across northeastern Japan's Tohoku and the northernmost island in Hokkaido. The passengers have time to get off and some picnics at Nikko Station in Tochigi Prefecture and Hakodate Station in Hokkaido.

The return journey will take passengers along the route in Japan Sea and is scheduled to arrive back at Ueno Station on Thursday. The route that varies depends on the season, the operator also provides a one-night tour through Yamanashi center in Nagano and Fukushima Prefecture in central and northeastern Japan.

The Company has received reservation requests from customers from various Asian countries and all tours are fully booked for the fiscal year ending in March 2018. JR East plans to announce the train schedule for the next fiscal year beginning April 2018.

The luxury train business has grown rapidly in Japan since the launch of the Seven Stars Kyushu Railway which operates in October 2013 in southwestern Japan. The launch ticket is high and has raised the price five times since the operation started.

JR West is also scheduled to launch Twilight Express Mizukaze on June 17th which will connect Osaka Station and Kyoto Station in western Japan with Shimonoseki Station in Honshu. The one-night package tour included a visit to the historical town of Kurashiki in Okayama Prefecture.


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