Stephen Hawking gives human deadlines to leave earth in 100 years

Tinuku ~ Stephen Hawking declared mankind to leave the earth 100 years from now. Famous physicists and cosmologists reveal the next 100 years is the most dangerous and will be increasingly worried, so humans to leave soon Earth as soon as possible. A stern warning to hurry to build colonization to another planet.

Tinuku Stephen Hawking gives human deadlines to leave earth in 100 years

Stephen Hawking gives people time to mankind who live on earth only 100 more and after that the earth will be filled with nuclear waste, artificial virus outbreaks, and global warming. In addition, he also considered the asteroid blow and excess population.

Hawking made a documentary with the BBC entitled 'Expedition New Earth' to find out about life beyond Earth. Humans have to start a new civilization on another planet in the next 100 years, although he says it will be difficult to build a sustainable habitat.

In the documentary Hawking and his student, Christophe Galfard, will go around the world and learn what humans need to live beyond Earth. 100 years is a glance in the history of human life so must start to clean up and listen to Stephen Hawking advice.

NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) have undertaken various inquiry missions to search for other planets as future shelters. But so far has not provided adequate results. Hawking's warning is very important for policy makers to work hard to save human life.

Hawking's latest project is the Breakthrough Initiatives funded by Russian muliader Yuri Milner to search for extraterrestrial civilizations and search for habitable planets outside the solar system. The project involves the world's most powerful telescopes, including the launch of a laser-driven plane.