Vivere launched to lead e-commerce interiors

Tinuku ~ One of Indonesia's leading interior companies sells a diverse collection online. Vivere furniture trading company introduced the first ever e-commerce service called focused on selling various types of products and ease the purchasing system.

Tinuku Vivere launched to lead e-commerce interiors

Vivere, known as the original Indonesian furniture company, launched a beta e-Commerce site called by the end of 2016 to provide customers with ease and strengthen the line of offline stores. Online stores provide four main categories are furniture, artwork, accesories and gifts.

"Vivere's e-Commerce is intended to provide convenience for customers in addition to shopping can also contact Vivere if you have questions and problems," said Sutrisno Yao, e-Commerce Manager Vivere, Wednesday, May 3, 2017.

"All products have gone through a very detailed curation phase and users can also get online design consultations. has more than 700 products," Yao said.

Research firm Conlumino predicts Indonesia's furniture market will reach US $ 5.4 billion in 2018 and demand for products in this segment online very much, while data research firm Statista said the furniture segment will contribute 16.9 percent of the total revenue of e-Commerce industry In 2017.

"The presence of e-Commerce by Vivere is intended to strengthen the line of Vivere offline stores that have already appeared," said Yao.

The e-Commerce site will complement Vivere's multi-channel strategy to combine both online and offline approaches. Users can buy products online and pick-up at Vivere retail stores. All products will be shipped directly to buyer's home.