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SpaceX plans fast and reliable broadband using space internet network

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Tinuku ~ SpaceX is preparing the mission of the space internet. Visionary CEO and entrepreneur Elon Musk who founded the technology company Tesla Motor and SpaceX has planned a number of futuristic business ideas in transportation field. Now a new plan in telecommunication by preparing internet access from space.

Tinuku SpaceX plans fast and reliable broadband using space internet network

SpaceX has just developed a plan to provide high-speed internet access to everyone. The committee hearing plans to build a global internet network in orbit, the company's app will be completed in November and move forward as soon as possible.

"SpaceX plans to bring high-speed, reliable and affordable broadband services worldwide, including underserved areas or currently unserved by the network," said Patricia Cooper, SpaceX Vice President, in a statement.

Cooper confirmed the company's plan to place a satellite to provide internet access and transmit signals to nearby planets. The company is currently developing various satellites to be launched in early 2018.

SpaceX plans to place 4,425 satellites and operate at altitudes between 1110 kilometers to 1325 kilometers orbiting around the Earth. The network is space-based so they do not need to install cables and build transmitter tower.

The mission relies on reconstructed Falcon 9 rockets and if all processes are successful SpaceX starts building internet network by 2019. The company will also launch additional satellite gradually until 2024 and full-capacity networks operate at Ka and Ku-band frequencies.

Cooper also ensured the project will not increase the space junk. SpaceX ensures the network support provided will adapt to the needs so that it will allocate resources to certain areas in order to avoid interference on other systems.


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