BaSnO3 as new material of transparent electronic and solar cell

Tinuku ~ Transparent thin film material improves the performance of electronics and solar cells. Researchers at the University of Minnesota discovered new nanoscale thin film material with the highest conductivity. This new material produces smaller, faster and more powerful electronics, as well as more efficient solar cells.

Tinuku BaSnO3 as new material of transparent electronic and solar cell

A team of researchers reported new findings in Nature Communications about a new, high-conductivity material for electronics that has more electricity and more power. The wide sheet also allows light to easily pass through the material as a transparent optic.

"High conductivity makes transparent optical film processing useful in a wide range of electronic devices, including high-power electronics, electronic displays, touch screens and even solar cells," Bharat Jalan, a University of Minnesota researcher, said in a statement.

Most transparent conductors use expensive indium chemical substances and have encouraged researchers to develop alternative materials and discover new, cheaper and more efficient methods. Jalan and colleagues developed a new synthesis by growing thin film of BaSnO3 or barium stannate as combination of barium, tin and oxygen.

The precursors of tin chemistry have unique properties to enhance chemical reactivity and the process of forming metal oxides. Barium and tin are significantly cheaper than indium, available abundantly and easily obtained from the market.

The new method is a breakthrough that makes it possible to create materials with thickness controls and a very measurable composition, better structural qualities that have high conductivity in the material. They say the next step is to reduce defects on the atomic scale.

"This material has the highest conductivity in the same class of materials, it still needs a lot of steps for improvement with tremendous potential to discover new physics if we reduce defects.That is the next goal," said Jalan.