Tesla Model X is scheduled to the Indonesian market in June

Tinuku ~ Tesla Model X is scheduled to enter the Indonesian market in June. Success brought Tesla Model S P100D, Prestige Motorcars Indonesia will market Model X crossover to Indonesia. The electric car is currently in the delivery process and is expected to arrive in June 2017.

Tinuku Tesla Model X is scheduled to the Indonesian market in June

The presence of Tesla Model X answers the promise of President Director Prestige Motorcars Rudy Salim when releasing the Model S some time ago. The company first launched Tesla Model S in 2015, then proceeded to market the P100D model.

"Approximately June 3-5 has arrived," said Mr. Salim.

Tesla has the convenience features and superior capabilities compared to fossil-fueled cars. Mr. Salim said it would be consistent to sell Ellon Musk-made cars to premium car lovers in Indonesia.

"We certainly have a lot of car variants and all in comfort and yet no ability to beat Tesla, which we will continue to introduce to the public, because this car really deserves to have," said Mr. Salim.

The electric-based premium car market has the same prospect as other premium cars, but the Tesla brand has a strong target market. Tesla Model X is a crossover that uses the falcon wing feature to access second row seats.

This car is a continuation of the development of the Model S full-size sedan platform. Tesla manufactures the Model X in Fremont, California, and is delivered premier to the consumer in September 2015 in two types is the AWD 90D and AWD P90D.

Tinuku.com Tesla Model X is scheduled to the Indonesian market in June

This car features active safety is collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking, all-wheel drive system electrically to maximize efficiency and traction, LED headlamp, power-folding and side mirrors.

Doors and windshields are wide enough to provide a wide experience while driving, keyless entry, spacious cabin space and front luggage that can accommodate two strollers at once. Tesla car equipped with a number of sensors and hardware to support the ability of autopilot.