Online dating Lunch Actually has acquired Setipe

Tinuku ~ Lunch Actually has bought Setipe. The cooperation of two online dating applications Setipe from Indonesia and Lunch Actually from Singapore has been conducted since 2016 when it launched the educational website and now the relationship both ends in mutual acquisition.

Tinuku Online dating Lunch Actually has acquired Setipe

Lunch Actually has acquired Setipe, both of which are online dating applications. They did not disclose the nominal value, but certainly this business policy sets Setipe under the network of the Actually Group Lunch. Setipe's founder, Rizi Thalib, will next become CEO for Lunch Actually in Indonesia.

The founder and CEO of Lunch Actually, Violet Lim, said Setipe is a strong brand in top-of-mind users of online dating applications in Indonesia, while Lunch Actually has 13 years of experience in the region in the business. Lim sure merging the two will become a powerful product.

Deal Street Asia reported on Monday that Setipe stood since 2013 has more than 800,000 users and has recorded 200 weddings linked through Setipe, while the Lunch Actually was established by the couple Violet Lim and Jamie Lee in 2004.

Now Lunch Actually Group operates in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Bangkok. In the past six years, Deal Street Asia says the income of this business group has grown 30 to 50 percent annually and as the largest dating agency in Southeast Asia.

Lunch Actually recently also announced a collaboration with Japanese online dating company Diverse Co. to launch premium dating services in Tokyo. Then in September, Lunch Actually get A series investment from Japanese social network Mixi and Fatfish Internet Group.