Textileone will launch an online sales platform

Tinuku ~ Textileone builds an online sales platform. Textile brands for uniforms and work clothes have begun to adopt online sales to expand the market. The company estimates the online platform will dominate up to 60 percent of sales compared to conventional spending that will decline further.

Tinuku Textileone will launch an online sales platform

Textileone took the initiative to expand the market by presenting an online shop platform. The company said based on data from the Indonesian Textile Association the textile industry market in Indonesia will increase 20 percent this year, while on the other hand traditional sales methods are declining.

"We are looking at developments all the time. This is an opportunity to expand sales through online and continue to penetrate the market," said Erwin Kong, Managing Director of Textileone Indonesia.

"We expect the presence of the online shop platform to drive sales of 30 percent to 50 percent this year. By mid this year, we will launch an online shop platform," said Kong.

Conventional product sales are insufficient to reach all consumers. Companies penetrated online as a right step to pick up all consumers where the presence of Internet infrastructure has supported the activity.

Textileone has been presenting textile products for work uniforms such as hotel, school, government and so on. But Kong says the company wants to further expand its marketing through an online platform to deliver premium products.

The Textileone team has been preparing an online shop for the past six months, but Kong has not been willing to announce in detail the name and platform system it will launch and how consumers get quality textiles for various needs.

"The platform we will build, we guarantee to provide quality materials and the expectations of consumers.This platform also helps consumers to better know the brands to support their lifestyle," said Kong.

"I hope within the next three years of online sales to reach 60 percent. We do not have to eliminate conventional sales, even though the sales method has a declining share," Kong said.