Audi promises full autonomous car in 2021

Tinuku ~ Auto Union GmbH promises a full autonomous car in 2021. Ingolstadt-based car maker does not want to miss the development of future vehicles globally. The annual meeting confirms the schedule for future vehicle models is the development of electrification technology and autonomous cars.

Tinuku Audi promises full autonomous car in 2021

The company says it has taken a leading role in the development of autonomous technology for both Audi and Volkswagen Group. In 2018 Audi A8 is scheduled to offer autonomous drivers at level three.

The company has also designed a self-drive vehicle for use in urban environments. They do not want to discuss specifications and how technology is applied, but Audi promises the first full autonomous vehicle by 2021.

In addition to talking about autonomous cars, manufacturers ensure the associated launch of two products are Q4 and Q8 in 2019.

Another plan is to launch three models of electric batteries the following year and gradually install models in each core series. The German company has high hopes for electric and autonomous vehicles for sale by 2025.

In the near future Audi will focus on launching the redesigned A7 and A8. Audi's chairman Rupert Stadler said the company wanted to show the global that Audi has developed future vehicle technology.