Monsanto Indonesia optimistic produce 6,000 tons corn seeds

Tinuku ~ Monsanto Indonesia is optimistic to produce 6,000 tons of corn seeds. Biotechnology company targets the realization of corn seed production for the planting season from February to May 2017 of more than 6,000 tons of seed to meet domestic demand and is predicted to increase in the country as one of the largest population in the world.

Tinuku Monsanto Indonesia optimistic produce 6,000 tons corn seeds

Ganesh Pamugar Satyagraha as Managing Director of Monsanto Indonesia said the company is spurring production to produce hybrid corn seeds.

An increasing number of markets and food industries in the country need quality corn seeds. Mosanto said until the end of May 2017 production will be higher than last year.

"We have been preparing production starting planting from February to May this year and harvest in June to November," Satyagraha said, Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

This year's weather is better than last year with higher rainfall throughout the year that pushed the agronomic industry better.

The realization of corn seed absorption during September 2016 to February 2017 rose 368 percent to 2,944 tons compared to the previous period of only 800 tons.

Mosanto also increased biotechnology corn production by 2016 to 1,000 tons and will continue to increase this year.

Ganesh said the company no longer wants to import corn seeds. They have been able to produce corn biotechnology seeds.

Previously, Indonesia always imported corn seeds to fill the growing market demand. While the Philippines and Vietnam are still importing corn seeds an average of 2,000 tons per year.