NASA Solar Probe Plus investigate solar atmosphere

Tinuku ~ NASA prepares Solar Probe Plus to explore the atmosphere of the sun by 2018. The US space agency announced plans to launch a spacecraft to get into the sun's atmosphere as a project of building more detailed insight into the behavior of stars and information about space weather.

Tinuku NASA Solar Probe Plus investigate solar atmosphere

Solar Probe Plus will be launched in mid-2018, the spacecraft is designed to fly within four million miles of the sun. This distance is almost seven times closer to the sun than the previous plane.

"Solar Probe Plus will dive up to 3.9 million miles from the surface of the sun and will dive into the heat and radiation that no previous spacecraft ever experienced," a NASA announcement said.

Previously NASA will launch a robot into the sun to analyze activities that are considered harmful and can endanger human life on earth. However, NASA will actually send a spacecraft to research the space weather and how the stars work

"The mission will provide insight into the sun and the earth," said NASA. "The data will be key to understanding and possibly predicting space weather." NASA Solar Probe Plus investigate solar atmosphere

Solar Probe Plus is built using a 4.5 inch thick carbon composite shield to protect all technology equipment housed inside. The aircraft will move at a speed of 450,000 miles per hour on the nearest track of the sun.

Aircraft designed for tasks in extreme conditions must withstand temperatures up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit (1,377 degrees Celsius).