Philips Lighting builds Perth Stadium LED system as world's largest

Tinuku ~ Philips Lighting announced the largest Light Emitting Diode (LED) system for Australia's newest sports stadium, Perth Stadium, to support the mission of the most advanced multi-function stadium in the Southern Hemisphere. A comprehensive stadium lighting system includes over 15,000 LED light points managed through a platform.

Tinuku Philips Lighting builds Perth Stadium LED system as world's largest

This lighting system has the flexibility to create a full three-dimensional (immersive) lighting display that looks around this 60,000-capacity stadium. Lighting has the flexibility to present a multi-functional arena for viewers to watch football, cricket, music concerts and more.

The lighting operator can combine music and lighting before the game starts, ensuring the implementation and creating a stunning visual light show. LED spotlights meet the standard criteria of sports lighting for HDTV broadcasting.

Regional Director Chris Palandri said stadium LED lighting is an integral part of planning to make the Perth Stadium a leading multi-function stadium, not only in Western Australia but throughout the southern hemisphere.

"Lighting will be crucial in bringing a stunning experience to the fans for a completely different Australian Rules Football, cricket and rock concert which is the epitome of light for the whole community," Palandri said in an official publication on Monday, May 29, 2017.

The stadium showcased the Philips Arena Experience capabilities. The center of this illumination is the Philips Arena Vision LED field lighting system consisting of LED spotlights and a control panel. This system can be synchronized with an external lighting console for different events.

The stadium facade and canopy will be illuminated by Philips Color Kinetics architectural LED lighting with easily connected and controlled LED light points. The roof canopy serves as a giant canvas where spectacular light shows use patterns and images can be created through connected light points.

Philips Lighting also brings LED lighting for office and hospitality areas within the stadium. ANZ's Philips Lighting General Manager David Gardner said the project would be the largest full stadium LED project from Philips Lighting.

"The scale of this project really shows the seriousness of Australians in organizing sporting events and other events and we are very proud to install a world-class stadium LED lighting system with Multiplex as a stadium builder," Gardner said.

The stadium will be used for the organization of Australian Rules Football, cricket, Rugby Union and Rugby League, soccer and entertainment events. The fans also get the services of train stations, buses and pedestrian crossing bridges that stretch over the Swan River.