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Porsche Digital Inc will be built in Silicon Valley

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Tinuku ~ Porshce moves closer to the digital company in Silicon Valley by establishing Porsche Digital Inc. The German automotive company seeks to familiarize itself with the current technological trends in the goal of developing a future car by building Porsche Digital Inc. in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, California, United States.

Tinuku Porsche Digital Inc will be built in Silicon Valley

"Cars are a tool of future mobility and the future is being carved in Silicon Valley," said Thilo Koslowski, Porsche Digital's Managing Director in an official statement, Sunday, May 28, 2017.

"It means it's important to be right next to a leading IT company in the United States that allows us to identify trends early and invest in new technology at the right time," Koslowski said.

Porsche Digital, Inc., is a subsidiary of Porsche Digital GmbH in Ludwigsburg which plans to employ approximately 100 employees in Silicon Valey. Porsche has a desire to invest directly for new companies offering ideas and solutions for the digital future.

The German car manufacturer hopes Porsche Digital Inc. can analyze faster digital trends in the United States market, develop and test solutions. In addition, the company also intends to make proximity to technology companies and start up as an increasingly important thing.

"The company will be more focused on topics on digitalization, connectivity and smart mobility," Koslowski said.

Porsche Digital is the center of competence to develop digital technology where the latest innovation models will be implemented into Porsche's global company through collaboration.

"To experience Porsche with customers' specific needs, we need to recognize relevant innovations and bring to the market a smart offering," Koslowski said.

In addition to building Porsche Digital sites in Ludwigsburg and Berlin, then a new subsidiary in Santa Clara, the company also has plans to set up additional affiliates in major innovation centers around the world is Asia.


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