Uber Indonesia and TRAFI collaborate to build public connectivity

Tinuku ~ Uber Indonesia and TRAFI.com strengthen public transportation connectivity. Uber's global application-based transport services collaborate with the TRAFI Multimoda transport application to make it easier for people in major cities of Indonesia to combine public transport and ridesharing.

Tinuku Uber Indonesia and TRAFI collaborate to build public connectivity

The collaboration allows people to have more efficient time and transportation modes as needed. John Colombo, Head of Public Policy and Goverment Affairs Uber Indonesia, stated through the cooperation all Uber service users can choose various public transportation facilities available on TRAFI application.

"This integration aims to provide more choice and convenience in planning trips and choosing transportation modes as needed. We believe this feature will be favored by the people of Indonesia. We work together to facilitate the community," Colombo said on Monday, May 29, 2017.

The cooperation of both applications presents the Uber service option in the TRAFI application, users searching for transport information will automatically be connected to the Uber service. TRAFI utilizes the Uber API to integrate all Uber services in its application.

Dimas Dwilasetio, Country Manager of TRAFI Indonesia, said currently has 600 public transport routes in Indonesia and 95 TransJakarta routes in the cities of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tenggerang and Bekasi. Uber and TRAFI are optimistic the number of users will increase and users more easily.

"This cooperation can be a solution for the public to get public transportation service. Uber message emerged without leaving the TRAFI application," said Dwilasetio.

A user from Bekasi to Jakarta will receive railway and UberMoto options as the most efficient mode from start to destination. Thus TRAFI will recommend Uber services to connect users from and to the station.

Collaborations like Uber and TRAFI have been done in Lithuania in September 2016. Both applications have been committed to widening cooperation in other cities around the world. Jakarta was chosen as the first city in Asia Pacific in this cooperation.

"This is a mutual relation," Colombo and Dwilasetio said.