Vertiv collaborated with local companies to spur business in Indonesia

Tinuku ~ Corporate provider of global IT infrastructure system Emerson Network Power is renamed Vertiv and has inaugurated new business in Indonesia. Paul Churchill, Vice President Sales Vertiv Southeast Asia, said Vertiv's business in Indonesia will be developed through collaboration with DKSH Indonesia and Abhimata Citra Abadi.

Tinuku Vertiv collaborated with local companies to spur business in Indonesia

Churchill said the two collaboration companies will continue to develop a broader portfolio of product and service offerings in the areas of power regulators, temperature control systems and IT management such as ASCO, Chloride, Liebert, NetSure and Trellis brands.

"Indonesia is one of the fastest growing digital economies in the world, big investments not only in cloud computing and collocation space, but also in the telecommunications, banking and healthcare sectors," Churchill said in Jakarta, Sunday, May 28, 2017.

Vertiv has in recent months seen local and multinational companies in Indonesia in improving infrastructure and is rapidly expanding to adopt technological trends such as the Internet of Things (IoT).

"Now we become Vertiv, we move at a faster pace, the company responds to customer demands better with the support of local distributors and partners. I am confident we can serve customers for their business purpose," Churchill said.

Vertiv appointed DKSH Indonesia as the official distributor of Vertiv data industry center, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and distribution solutions. Abhimata Citra Abadi is the authorized distributor for DC Power and Siteweb.

Vertiv wants to continue to increase the opportunities of industrial infrastructure in the field of collocation, transportation and telecommunications in Indonesia. The company also has a network with several partners are Synnex Metrodata Indonesia, Jaya Teknik Indonesia, Diantama Perdana Wisesa, Mustika Memadata and Sahabat Sukses Solusi.

Hanno Elbraechter as Head of DKSH's Global Business Technology Unit said since appointed as exclusive distributor and authorized service provider of Vertiv company's products in March 2016 has built a strong team and gained many important projects.

While Yuslinda Nasution as President and Director Abhimata Citra Abadi said the cooperation with Vertiv has been a great success in providing customers the cutting edge solutions for the IT infrastructure industry.

"We congratulate Vertiv in changing their image and look forward to establishing better cooperation in the coming years," Nasution said.