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The 39-metre E-ELT Telescope begins construction phase

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Tinuku ~ E-ELT is planned to be the largest optical and infrared telescope in the world that will be tens of times more sensitive than all other ground-based optical telescopes. The Oxford University scientists announced the instrumentation role for this £ 922m (€ 1082m) project that has entered the construction phase.

Tinuku The 39-meter E-ELT Telescope begins construction phase

The main 39-meter diameter mirror, the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), will be the largest telescopes, designed to be highly adaptive and capable of improving atmospheric turbulence. A ceremony was held as the beginning of construction at Paranal ESO in northern Chile at the peak of Cerro Armazones as high as 3046 meters.

Niranjan Thatte of Oxford University's Department of Physics led a European consortium that designed E-ELT's HARMONI spectrograph as one of the key telescope instruments proposed.

"HARMONI is an integral field of the spectrograph, while providing images and spectra of astrophysical objects in unprecedented detail, providing a fivefold increase in spatial resolution from today's telescopes," Thatte said.

"Combined with the extraordinary light-gathering power of E-ELT allows ultra-sensitive observations of galaxies, super-massive black holes, star-forming regions, extra-solar planets and other exotic objects," Thatte said.

ELT built by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) is an international collaboration supported by the UK's Science and Technology Facilities Council. HARMONI is an instrument to take 4000 sharp images with different colors in infrared that utilize adaptive optics.

HARMONI allows scientists to build a more detailed picture of objects in the universe that support researchers to investigate everything with unprecedented depth and precision.

"For me, ELT is a big leap and we will use it to find many things.This is the most exciting element," said Thatte.


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