China spent US$180 billion to build 5G mobile network

Tinuku ~ China is preparing US $ 180 billion to build the world's largest 5G mobile network infrastructure. Total spending on 5G infrastructure by three mainland Chinese telecom network operators reached US $ 180 billion over a seven year period compared to their investment of US $ 117 billion in 4G networks from 2013.

Tinuku China spent US$180 billion to build 5G mobile network

Three Chinese telecom providers invested US $ 180 billion for 5G infrastructure or represented a 48 percent increase in total capital spending by China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom from their combined 4G investment.

The budget also surpassed spending in Japan where the total investment of 5G was only US $ 46 billion over the same year cycle. The impact of 5G on consumers and innovative business services in mainland China will change significantly, the three operators are likely to become more aggressive by 2019.

Major internet companies such as Baidu, Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings have also introduced video, gaming and virtual technology services that require high network specifications. Smart City will leverage the 5G network for artificial intelligence, traffic management and other public services.

5G technology has a universal specification that supports the relationship of one million devices per square kilometer in 1 millisecond or the amount of time it takes the data packets from one point to another. Higher energy, spectral efficiency and peak data downloads of up to 20 gigabits per second.

China Mobile as the world's largest network operator has announced plans in March to begin testing 5G in major cities starting next year and launching full commercial services by 2020.

The three network operators hope to soon be nationwide by 2021. Mainland China is projected to have 588.3 million 5G users by 2022 or about 39.9 percent of total mobile phone users across the country.