Airbnb finally legal in Japan

Tinuku ~ Airbnb finally officially operates in Japan. Airbnb as an online service provider's platform with relatively cheap tariffs announced it has been operating legally in Japan. This news brings good news to travelers who want to stay in a place with low budget and enjoy the life of indigenous culture.

Tinuku Airbnb finally legal in Japan

"The good news, all Japanese citizens can now freely rent their properties and increase revenue from offers for travelers from all over the world. We are happy to welcome the legalization of this,"Airbnb said in a release.

Hotels in big cities like Tokyo are very expensive. Airbnb was previously considered illegal in Japan, the startup based in San Francisco will not operate forever illegally.

Previously Airbnb applied the rules to travelers staying in Japan not to tell anyone if the rooms were used from the Airbnb platform.

It has now been operating officially. Property owners like houses, apartments to hotels offer services for 180 days a year. But Airbnb will continue to apply the additional rules applicable in each prefecture.

The 180-day period of the year is essentially very short for property owners who are focused on offering for Airbnb over the long term. But at least Airbnb is already operating legally in Japan.

A few weeks ago Airbnb also opened an official office in China and determined to compete where other foreign companies had failed to compete in the country.