Alibaba Buy+ uses VR and robotic assistants to serve online shopping

Tinuku ~ Alibaba uses virtual reality to make online shopping more real. Chinese e-commerce giant launches virtual reality shopping program over the weekend, Alibaba's BuyPlus allows users to choose clothing and accessories in 360-degree panoramas and robotic shopping assistants.

Tinuku Alibaba Buy+ uses VR and robotic assistants to serve online shopping

Alibaba's Buy+ allows users to choose clothes and accessories with the help of a robotics shopping assistant. The device allows an online shopping experience like living in the real world.

Chris Tung, Alibaba's chief marketing officer, said the company helps consumers to look to the future by bringing cutting edge technology. However, adoption is still waiting until the entire industry is mature and then Alibaba brings VR shopping to the public.

"Mobile Taobao succeeds after mature smart phones, and so are the VR devices all here, it's time to use and promote this technology," Tung said.

Tung says the high hardware costs and improved shopping experience for various types of goods hamper technology acceptance for shopping. Buy + requires headsets and computers with high configuration and expensive.

Alibaba recognizes the real benefits that mobile commerce offers and the VR technology represents only "the imagination of its future". Alibaba launched the VR strategy in March by establishing GnomeMagic Lab to develop related technologies.

More than 300,000 units of VRs are sold in the Alibaba online market every month. There are about 100 types of VR devices in the Chinese market, mostly low-end ones similar to Google's Cardboard.

Alibaba is one of the most successful e-commerce companies implementing the latest technology. In May, US online shopping giant eBay worked with Australian department store Myer to build the world's first VR store.