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Amazon looking drone propellers safety patent in India

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Tinuku ~ US-based e-commerce giant Amazon filed for a drone technology patent. Inc. has filed a patent application in India about propeller safety technology for automatic aircraft delivery as part of a $ 5 billion investment commitment in India as one of the fastest growing markets.

Tinuku Amazon looking drone propellers safety patent in India

The patent is entitled 'Propeller safety for automated aerial vehicles (AAV)' and was filed earlier this year. Technology works when unmanned aircraft landed at a customer-specified location to deliver the payload.

AAV is useful for monitoring objects such as pets or humans approaching the plane and quickly responding to the propeller not to hurt anyone. Amazon says this patent application is very important.

"If a dog approaches AAV on landing and the dog enters a safety point, the safety profile automatically reacts to the propeller not to hurt," the statement in the patent archive said.

"This technology is important to help revolutionize e-commerce shipments, especially small packages. Prime Air drone demonstrations earlier this year are just indications of the importance of this technology for safe and efficient delivery," Amazon said in a statement.

This technology still has no certainty to apply in India in the short term. India is still looking for regulations on framing for unmanned aircraft. It may take at least two years before the Indian patent office delivers an application report.

Amazon has filed a similar patent application in the U.S. And Canada, but difficult to implement. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has rejected the patent for this technology.

Amazon has filed an appeal early last month about the rejection and hopes the move could affect Amazon's patent application results in India over the technology.


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