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Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed autonomous vehicles

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Tinuku ~ Apple CEO Tim Cook confirms the company is building autonomous car technology as a continuation of the Project Titan and has been granted a test pass in California. Apple is currently "in focus on the autonomous system" and the cars will be plastered with Apple logo can be used for various purposes.

Tinuku Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed autonomous vehicles

"We see it like the 'mother' of all artificial intelligence projects. Outonomic technology is something very interesting. We do not discuss it from a product point of view, but we insist it is an important technology root," Cook said.

Apple's interest in autonomous vehicles is already a public secret in Silicon Valley. Rumors about Apple's efforts in this technology have been circulating since a few years ago, for example Project Titan which began in 2014 ago.

The work of the Project Titan team will come in the form of software to support autonomous vehicles and is expected to be utilized for other situations requiring autonomous systems.

"Of course one of the goals otonomos car system is a self-driving car. But not only that, we also prepare other things," said Cook.

Recently it has been circulating strongly about documents clearly show Apple's involvement in autonomous car technology, including this April publication of Apple's permission to test a car without a driver in California.

Previously, Apple had hired more than 1,000 technicians to work on Project Titan, but in October it was rumored the company had changed the focus of the project that wanted to compete directly with companies like Tesla by building its own electric car.

Cook's acknowledgment of the autonomos car project coincided with the claims of Alphabet Waymo and Uber who called them leaders in the autonomous car industry. Companies in Silicon Valley are also currently working on artificial-intelligence technology.

"Maybe automated cars are the most difficult artificial-intelligence project," Cook said.


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