Boeing develope pilotless jet airliner

Tinuku ~ Boeing says the foresight as a new world where passenger jet airplanes are pilotless. The world's largest plane maker Boeing Co in a briefing ahead of the Paris Airshow said they are making several attempts aimed at testing some of the technologies next year with an autonomous jet airliner.

Tinuku Boeing develope pilotless jet airliner

Mike Sinnett, vice president of Boeing product development, said an idea where the basic technology is available.

Jetliners can already take off and land on an onboard flight computer and the number of pilots on standard passenger aircraft has dropped from three to two.

Sinnett said the company plans to test the technology in cockpit simulators this summer and on aircraft next year using some artificial intelligence that makes decisions without the need for human pilots.

Aircraft need to meet air travel safety standards. They also need to convince regulators who do not yet know how to authorize the aircraft. Sinnett said he does not yet know how technical the implementation of the regulation.

"But we are studying it now and we have developed the algorithm," Sinnett said.

The airline must meet the estimated needs of 1.5 million pilots over the next 20 years as global demand for air travel continues and continues to grow.

Boeing is also getting closer to creating a new jet type to fill the slim product gap between the sleek 737 and the massive 787 Dreamliner to customers around 2025. The company concludes that today's wide-bodied aircraft are too far away and inefficient.