Bosch and TomTom collaborated on radar road signature system

Tinuku ~ Robert Bosch GmbH and TomTom NV collaborated on developing maps for autonomous vehicle navigation systems. Stuttgart-based technology company Bosch and Amsterdam-based map and information-traffic provider TomTom made the breakthrough in developing high resolution maps for autonomous cars.

Tinuku Bosch and TomTom collaborated on radar road signature system

Currently the map is formed based on video data. Now both companies are creating a location order using radar signals that will be indispensable for the development of autonomous vehicles.

Bosch's radar road signature consists of billions of reflection points. The point will be formed in various places that are exposed to radar signals, such as roadblocks or traffic signs. Thus the vehicle reproduces the pathway for a purpose without human assistance.

"Radar road signature becomes an important milestone in the quest for automatic driving. This technology allows the vehicle to automatically determine its own location accurately at all times," said Dirk Hoheisel of Bosch in an official statement.

The main challenge is finding ways to adapt existing radar sensors to the needs of autonomous cars. When used in steering systems, such as automatic emergency braking or adaptive cruise control (ACC), sensors will detect moving objects.

However, to produce radar road signatures, sensors must also be able to detect static objects. That is the existing radar sensor must be modified. The next generation Bosch sensor will be able to provide the required data radar road signature.

"In the future the cars available on the market will have a help function that will run the map for automated vehicles," Hoheisel said.

Bosch and TomTom have worked intensively in creating radar road signatures and incorporating them into high-resolution maps since the start of the July 2015 collaboration.

"We are delighted to be able to introduce supplemental localization data in the form of the radar road signature in partnership with Bosch. It will make self-localization for automated vehicles considerably more robust in every respect," said Harold Goddijn, TomTom’s CEO.