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Chevrolet Bolt electric car available across US August 2017

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Tinuku ~ Chevrolet Bolt electric car is available throughout the United States in August. General Motors's automotive group will start selling their electric cars across the US in August 2017 or a month earlier than initially planned. Chevrolet Car Marketing and Crossover Director Steve Majoros said it.

Tinuku Chevrolet Bolt electric car available across US August 2017

Majoros said this month already started opening orders for Bolt in all of their dealerships across the United States that are certified to sell electric cars. Customers who booked this month will get a Bolt unit in August.

General Motors has previously announced that it plans to open its first electric car booking in July and shipments in September. But it was set earlier to August. Chevrolet Bolt electric car available across US August 2017

"We were waiting for the completion of the training and the right tools," said Majoros.

Any dealer wishing to engage in Bolt sales must first install a DC-powered fast charging facility to support services for future customers. This hatchback electric car has mileage approximately 238 miles (383 kilometers) for a single charge.

"We are ahead of schedule while making sure we have enough equipment," Majoros said.

Bolt was first sold in December 2016 in two states known to be environmentally concerned as California and Oregon, before gradually selling in many states. By May sales had 6,529 units.


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