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Online video demand explosion will hit 2021

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Tinuku ~ Online video explosion will happen in 2021. Video consumption is predicted to increase and dominate internet traffic in the next few years. In fact, research conducted by Cisco said video consumption is estimated to have a share of up to 82 percent of overall Internet traffic in 2021, while web traffic 11 percent, 4 percent gaming and file-sharing 3 percent.

Tinuku Online video demand explosion will hit in 2021

Research by Cisco says people do not just watch online videos but also choose videos that have high quality resolutions. This trend further reinforces the prediction of a very high increase in bandwidth consumption.

Cisco also stated that people who pay for subscription TV will switch to video on demand services and generate twice as much Internet traffic as those who still pay for the TV subscription. Online video demand explosion will hit in 2021

Video requests come from various types of video on the internet, including on-demand video content such as Netflix, web cam viewing, and traditional TV access via the Internet (IP VOD).

Live video service is also a rapidly growing segment of the Internet, for example through Facebook Live, broadcast via Twitter, YouTube, telecommunication providers, to direct hits via Hulu.

Cisco predicts that by 2021 data consumption for live video will grow to 25 exabytes (equivalent to 25 billion gigabytes) or 13 percent of all video data traffic on the internet.

This number is more than doubled compared to last year where data consumption was only 1.6 exabytes or 3 percent of total video data traffic last year.


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