South Korea prepares drones to monitor prisons

Tinuku ~ South Korea will use drones to monitor prisoners. The government on Monday June 5 said it had prepared to use unmanned aircraft to keep more efficient monitoring of inmates. The Justice Ministry said the drones are expected to monitor the situation in real-time at cheaper cost.

Tinuku South Korea prepares drones to monitor prisons

In July the South Korean government will begin a six-month unmanned aerial vehicle testing operation in three prisons is Anyang in Gyeonggi Province, Wonju in Gangwon Province and Cheongsong in North Gyeongsang Province.

Specially designed drones will feature cameras capable of delivering real-time video and flying at night. The Ministry of Justice will use unmanned aircraft to patrol inside and outside the prison to monitor the movements of inmates.

Drones will also serve a state of emergency occurring at night or fires faster that can not be done by human personnel. The device will help improve efficiency and save personnel costs.

Officials also said to analyze the data based on the test operation. In other countries, criminals have started using drones to smuggle drugs and weapons to inmates in prison.

Last March the ministry passed a new law stating the drone as a list of forbidden objects for inmates. In 2011 the government has also proposed to use robotic guards.

The South Korean land minister recently began using unmanned aircraft for security checks on cliffs and inaccessible locations. The ministry has purchased four drones for 60 million won (US$53,600).