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EkoFARMER urban agricultural module design by Exsilio

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Tinuku ~ Exsilio has developed a high-tech solution for the agricultural business in containers designed to grow salads and spices in urban environments. The Finland-based company develops EkoFARMER designs for efficiently processed agrobusiness products within a 13-meter long module to supply local food.

Tinuku EkoFARMER urban agricultural module design by Exsilio EkoFARMER urban agricultural module design by Exsilio

Various urban farming designs to produce fresh food products are gaining in popularity in recent years. Plant fruits and vegetables in the yard, on the roof and inside the house using a hydroponics system. Now EkoFARMER brings the easier and very efficient concept.

"Our solution is ideal, for example for restaurants and kitchens that want to produce their own fresh produce.This module serves as a complementary solution for farmers to expand traditional greenhouses," said Exsilio CEO Thomas Tapio.

"Our module produces 55,000 pots of salad per year, three times the amount produced in greenhouses, plants grown in multilevel shelves.The plants throughout the year and time can be shortened because the amount of light and humidity is perfectly controlled," Tapio said. EkoFARMER urban agricultural module design by Exsilio

Tinuku EkoFARMER urban agricultural module design by Exsilio

Each unit uses a closed system, requiring only a narrow location and can be devised. The moisture, water, and carbon dioxide levels can be efficiently controlled to produce optimal agricultural products. EkoFARMER uses the ecological land developed by Kekkilä.

The system is used for commercial and scientific purposes. Exsilio while looking for partners to develop agricultural modules based on need. Tapio also expects various prospective industry groups other than farmers and restaurants to utilize the modules.

"EkoFARMER is an excellent choice for businesses requiring salads, spices, flowers, medicinal plants and etc. We look at the social aspects of urban agriculture.This is an opportunity to create new micro businesses," said Tapio.


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