Electric cars have sold 2 million units

Tinuku ~ The population of electric cars has exceeded 2 million units. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports sales of electric and hybrid cars worldwide of more than 2 million units. This increase in eco-friendly car sales shot up 37.5 percent or 750,000 units only in 2016. The two million figure is only a year apart after the population of electric cars exceeds one million units by 2015.

Tinuku Electric cars have sold 2 million units

Compared with the overall automotive market on a global scale, of course, that number is not yet enough. But population growth of electric cars shows an increase in demand in the automotive market of certain countries.

"Norway is the country with the largest market share for electric vehicles, about 37 percent of new car sales, then the Netherlands 6.4 percent, and Sweden 3.4 percent," the IEA said.

Tinuku.com Electric cars have sold 2 million units

Sales of electric and hybrid cars in China, France and the UK have 1.5 percent account, but China is the highest by volume that has a population many times more than any other country.

The positive growth of electric cars coincided with significant additional charging infrastructure in private areas and at public stations.

The IEA says the electric car charging facility in public places grew 72 percent during the first five months of 2017 compared to the same period last year.

This trend is expected to continue and projected the electric car market has a share of 30 percent more than new car sales in 2030.