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Eviation showcased Alice all-electric aircraft at Paris Air Show

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Tinuku ~ A new all-electric aircraft has a range of 600 miles (965 kilometers) has been taking its debut at the 52nd International Paris Air Show. An Israeli startup, Eviation Aircraft, as a member of NASA's on-demand mobility program, unveiled the first prototype of Alice Commuter's all-electric aircraft concept and first production is scheduled in 2020.

Tinuku Eviation showcased Alice all-electric aircraft at Paris Air Show

This year's Paris Air Show is full of technological innovations from various startups that change the traditional travel paradigm of flight. Eviation Aircraft launches an aircraft designed to fly 600 miles from a single charge.

The Israeli startup plans to build a prototype next year using three electric propulsion is one on tail and one on each wingtips for aerodynamic efficiency. The founder and CEO of Eviation, Omer Bar-Yohay, claims the motor on wingtips will be drag reduction, while variable power can be used for yaw control.

The first Eviation production model is scheduled in 2020. Alice Commuter to carry six to nine passengers and 6,000 pounds of batteries that may be supplied by Yasa from the UK or Siemens from Germany. Eviation showcased Alice all-electric aircraft at Paris Air Show

Extraordinary specs considering aircraft takeoff weight is less than 12,000 pounds, maximum charge is 2,750 pounds and speed is up to 240 ktas. Based on this data, the company wants to change aviation world and possibly the world of transportation in general.

"Our choice of mobility must adapt to reflect a new future, efficient, zero emissions and low cost travels.Our all-electric aircraft represent an opportunity for people to move quickly and the impact of global economy," Bar-Yohay said. Eviation showcased Alice all-electric aircraft at Paris Air Show

Tinuku Eviation showcased Alice all-electric aircraft at Paris Air Show

Bar-Yohay and two other Israeli businessmen founded Eviation using their own money, but they plan to begin raising capital for certification in the coming months and ultimately hope to partner with aircraft material manufacturers in this project.

Composite aircraft will feature a V tail and sit on a long landing gear. An advanced version will accommodate up to 13 passengers, flying as high as 30,000 feet and powered by aluminum fuel cell technology where Eviation already has its intellectual property.

Prices for smaller initial versions are targeted at about US$2.6 million, while larger aircraft will sell for about US$4 million and positioned as competitors of Pilatus PC-12 and Beech King Air 350.

The composite material is so light that it is 300 times more energy efficient than other aircraft of same size. The 980 kWh lithium-aluminum battery turns on a very axle propeller as an air taxi and increases the convenience of skipping the city on short-haul flights.

"Based on battery applications, plus a high-powered rechargeable buffer, and managed by an intelligent analytic algorithm, Eviation's unique energy system provides zero-emission energy solutions at a cost that beats gas," Bar-Yohay said.


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