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FlyPulse defibrillator's ambulance reaches heart attack

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Tinuku ~ Ambulance drone, FlyPulse, four times faster than land-based ambulance. Researchers at Delft University of Technology report a smart defibrillator solution by combining a webcam and loudspeaker that allows emergency operators to monitor and instruct people at the scene from a distance.

Tinuku FlyPulse defibrillator's ambulance reaches heart attack FlyPulse defibrillator's ambulance reaches heart attack

While many drone technologies are experimenting in the shipping industry, the Flypulse system brings the benefits of drone transport to emergency medicines by creating unmanned aircraft for those reaching out to patients in desperate need of immediate assistance.

Every year 10,000 people in Sweden have a heart attack outside the hospital and only 500 people survive. Time is the ultimate determinant of a heart attack, the drone system is designed to deliver drugs and injections to survive.

FlyPulse is a Swedish start-up developing a complete emergency drone delivery service system and an experimental study reporting of 18 flights with 3.2 kilometers traveled only takes an average of 5 minutes and 21 seconds compared to a 22-minute ground ambulance. FlyPulse defibrillator's ambulance reaches heart attack

Tinuku FlyPulse defibrillator's ambulance reaches heart attack

The fact no more than 10 percent of survivors of cardiac arrest outside the hospital and the time of the defibrillator to the patient are a fine line between life and death. A drone carries an automated external defibrillator (AED) four times faster than an ambulance.

The report in the JAMA journal uses a FlyPulse aircraft that relies on someone on the other end to find out how to use a defibrillator, but this study shows the potential unmanned aircraft to arrive at emergency locations significantly faster than traditional systems.


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