Grab Indonesia looking partners for GrabHeli

Tinuku ~ Grab Indonesia says it is looking for a partner company for GrabHeli service. On June 10th, online Grab transport company presents GrabHeli as a new service to serve passengers by air. This service is designed to deliver passengers using helicopter mode. They also said it is currently at the research stage.

Tinuku Grab Indonesia looking partners for GrabHeli

"The helicopter is synonymous with very premium services, people do not know the fare and are wondering, but we see the ability to travel in a short time," said Managing Director Grab Indonesia Ridzki Kramadibrata.

Kramadibrata says the number one requirement of the GrabHeli service is to avoid congestion especially in big cities. A report says annual losses the impact congestion of up to US$10 billion in four major cities in Indonesia.

Even so, Kramadibrata says Grab will try to provide the best rates for this helicopter service. GrabHeli Indonesia is the first service Grab launched amongst six other countries in Southeast Asia.

"We are looking for an affordable price for our customers," he said. "We will make sure the prices are unchanged, just wait for the time and in which city," Kramadibrata said.

Kramadibrata said he was looking for a company that would be a partner for GrabHeli services in Indonesia. Grab will partner with several parties who already have a license for helicopter flights.

"We want to partner with licensed companies, and can fly helicopters, then land on the helipad," said Kramadibrata.

GrabHeli's service innovation is driven by huge business opportunities, although Kramadibrata says it still does not provide a percentage share of the GrabHeli market in Indonesia, but most likely the air taxi market in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung.

"Later we will use the principle of profit sharing but basically we become a service provider and take the license of transportation," said Kramadibrata.