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GT-EV Green4U all-electric road-racing car by Panoz

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Tinuku ~ Green4U Technologies Inc and Panoz introducing the concept design of all-electric road-racing GT-EV Green4U car. Technology company creates the world's first all-electric racing car designed for sports and durability cars. Startup has also prepared a legal version for use on public streets with two passengers.

Tinuku GT-EV Green4U all-electric road-racing car by Panoz

Green4U Technologies Inc which was established in 2016 to provide electric vehicle technology (EV) and Panoz founded by Don Panoz launched the concept of GT-EV Green4U electric racing car.

A mission is aimed at building high performance and powertrain range to compete in long-distance endurance races. Don Panoz, chairman and co-founder of Green4U Technologies Inc launched the latest design at 24 Hours of Le Mans Village.

"We debuted here at Le Mans because of the history of this iconic race where competitors emerge most clearly and ambitiously at the forefront of motorsports and autos," Panoz said. GT-EV Green4U all-electric road-racing car by Panoz

"We push the limits of ability by bringing Sparky (Panoz Q9 GTR-1 Hybrid) 1998 and DeltaWing to Le Mans. We will do the same with GT-EV all-electric. Our goal to run our car in a race, maybe even apply the upcoming Garage 56 slot and apply what we learned to our Green4U EV design," Panoz said.

The team is focused on speed and reach using a single battery to drive as far as the capabilities of gasoline and hybrid racing cars, then swap batteries around the time it takes like filling up the fuel tank. GT-EV Green4U all-electric road-racing car by Panoz

Tinuku GT-EV Green4U all-electric road-racing car by Panoz

Removable pack design allows the exchange of batteries in the pit stop. Eco-friendly engine is triggered by two electric motors for rear wheels and front wheels with a total power of about 450 kW. The design of carbon fiber chassis allows the car's weight to remain light.

"All-electric racing cars development competes with the best internal combustion engine racing cars that put Green4U at the forefront of electric vehicle technology," Jack Perkowski, CEO and co-founder of Green4U Technologies Inc.

The car will bolt at 150 mph to 180 mph by applying active aerodynamics to reduce drag and increase range. The futuristic design has a closed cockpit and regenerative braking technology on all wheels.

  • 400 to 450 kW total power
  • 175 to 180 mph top speed
  • Removable battery pack design enabling battery exchanges during pit stops
  • 90- to 110-mile range in race conditions
  • All-wheel drive with two electric motors (One driving the front wheels and the second powering the rear wheels)
  • 2,200 to 2,750 lbs. total mass with battery pack
  • Roughly 192 x 72 x 48 inches (L x W x H)
  • A unique carbon fiber chassis design with an offset closed cockpit
  • Active aerodynamics to reduce drag on straightaways and increase range and performance
  • Regenerative braking technology on all wheels


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