Hike Messenger launches Hike Wallet feature

Tinuku ~ Hike Messenger launches new Hike Wallet feature. The instant messaging service platform for smartphones has upgraded apps 5.0 and launched Wallet Hike that supports Unified Payment Interface (UPI) for instant bank transfer, instant money transfer via wallet and phone recharge within Messenger.

Tinuku Hike Messenger launches Hike Wallet feature

"The space constraints on phones are still high in India and the application model is difficult to handle, on the basis of payment, why not make a micro payment on the platform?" Says Hike Messenger Founder and Chief Executive, Kavin Bharti Mittal.

Hike Wallet is inspired by the Paytm app especially for mobile phone charging and bill payment. User enters phone number or selects from phonebook to recharge.

Apple has also announced this feature for iOS 11 where users send money via iMessage at Apple Pay. People who send money through Hike Wallet can do so from a wallet balance or by linking to a bank account.

"We are not only the first to offer payment via Messenger like this in India, but it also makes UPI the biggest platform in the country," said Mittal.

Hike claims to have 100 million users and has become India's largest UPI-based platform. The latest update also presents new features are Magic selfie, themes, timeline, text to stickers and more. Hike's largest user base is ages 15-24.

Mobile payments are the next step for the messaging platform because it is based on millions of users. In February, WhatsApp Founder Brian Acton said the company is in talks to see how WhatsApp can be used for e-commerce, digital transactions and payments.

Mittal said Hike has teamed up with WeChat as part of Tencent investors to bring the payment platform to India. WeChat has tried to get into India but has not been successful. Hike tries to localize some features in it.