Hyper Chariot pods run 6500 km per hour

Tinuku ~ The super fast train will run at a speed of 6500 kilometers per hour (4000 mph). The creators of Hyper Chariot, Nick and Joanna Garzilli, claimed this super train drove passengers from London to Edinburgh just 8 minutes or Canberra to Melbourne just 10 minutes or New York to Beijing just 2 hours. Faster, more efficient and cheaper than jet aircraft, also more environmentally friendly.

Tinuku Hyper Chariot pods run 6500 km per hour

A futuristic design of mass transportation modes such as sci-fi movies will work by throwing car-sized capsules through a safety concrete tube that travels five times the speed of sound. The hypersonic transport system will test in 2025.

This future public transport system is similar to hyperloop by Elon Musk, but uses 400lbs pod technology and a sedan size for six people. The narrow tube means the air does not cause a barrier and noise is not a problem.

Tinuku.com Hyper Chariot pods run 6500 km per hour

"With Hyper Chariot, we will connect cities and even countries on Earth in a way that has never existed before," said Hyper Chariot President and Hollywood actor Matthew Modine.

"It may seem like science fiction, but technology is available.Touring through the tube at a speed of 6400km is not only a reality but also a daily future life for passengers and cargo," Modine said.

The form of transport in a pod, running on a sheltered and linear path becomes the safest journey so far. Most injuries in transportation are caused by human error or bad weather. While Hyper Chariot runs autonomously and will not be affected by the weather.

The extraordinary train accelerates from 0 to 1600 kilometers per hour for just 60 seconds. Hyper Chariot says tickets for an 8-minute journey will be very competitive with fares for London to Edinburgh around £100.

By comparison, a 534-kilometer journey by car takes more than 7 hours, using trains over 4 hours, and jets about 70 minutes. The ultra powerful electric linear motor that skyrocketed Hyper Chariot gave twice the Boeing 747 speed.

"Transportation technology has stagnated since the turn of the 20th century.For decades, we are waiting for the next revolution. Transportation automation is the future, but autonomous cars are still troubled with congestion," Modine said.

www.Tinuku.com Hyper Chariot pods run 6500 km per hour

The team claims the Hyper Chariot design will be a safe and environmentally friendly passenger mode. The super-fast train uses 100 percent of solar power that is zero emissions and safer than other mechanical transport modes including bicycles.

The position sits like an F1 car to accommodate G-Force. Each pod is a limousine without a driver, but the user controls the purpose of the vehicle in the same way as operating a satellite car navigation system.

Pods can exchange like cars on toll roads and get to different destinations easily. Passengers will also have full control for interior lighting, ambient temperatures and opt for outside scenery using augmented-reality windows.