Hyundai partnering Baidu develop intelligent navigation system

Tinuku ~ Hyundai says it will work with Baidu to develop a car navigation system. South Korean car maker Hyundai Motor Co said Wednesday that it will work with Chinese technology giant Baidu Inc. to develop a vehicle navigation system using artificial intelligence (AI).

Tinuku Hyundai partnering Baidu develop intelligent navigation system

Hyundai Motor joins Baidu to develop connected cars and build competitive advantage in strategic markets through partnership with China's largest Internet service provider Baidu.

They will jointly develop "Baidu MapAuto" and the voice recognition system "Duer OS Auto". Both systems can be combined in two new models by car manufacturers to be launched in China later this year as the world's largest auto market.

"The partnership with Baidu is aimed at attracting young Chinese consumers who are showing interest in smart gadgets and connected vehicles, and their purchasing power is growing," said Hyundai Motor Co. spokesman.

Baidu MapAuto not only provides navigation services but also useful information for drivers such as traffic congestion, restaurants and famous tourist spots in real time through massive data processing from the internet.

Duer OS Auto is an AI assistant with voice recognition for cars. Hyundai Motor vehicles will adopt for the first time among global car makers. Duer OS Auto makes control not only for air conditioning systems and automotive infotainment, but also self-driving and internet services.

At CES ASIA 2017, an electronics and technology exhibition to be held in Shanghai, Hyundai launched the Santa Fe SUV equipped with Baidu MapAuto and Duer OS Auto systems in a test project.

At the Shanghai New International Expo Center Hyundai also plans to promote advanced technology in IONIQ's electric autonomous car as a hydro-electric concept car and three robots.