Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors get hybrid car sales

Tinuku ~ Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors get the eco-friendly car sales moment. Data released by the two auto maker giants on Monday June 5 had total accumulated sales of 514,759 hybrid cars including plug-in hybrids as a step towards future mobility technology.

Tinuku Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors get hybrid car sales

Hyundai Sonata hybrid's best-selling hybrid model with 207,299 units of global sales was first released in May 2011. Kia Motors's medium-sized hybrid version is in second place with 111,644 units. The third list is Niro hybrid Kia SUV with total of 87,992 units despite being released in March 2016.

Hybrid cars run using combustion engines and electric drive systems that emit less pollutant than traditional cars, while hybrid vehicles plug-in using combustion engines, electric motors and rechargeable batteries.

"Hybrid car sales continue to rise along with rising awareness of the future lifestyle. Economic benefits provided by the government and fuel efficiency are also decisive factor of improvement," said a spokesman for Hyundai Motor.

A wide range of benefits are offered to hybrid car owners in several countries including 1 million won (US$893) cash subsidy provided by the South Korean government and 50 percent discount when using public parking.

Sonata hybrid and K5 hybrid are also ranked second most popular hybrid models in the domestic market, each selling 63,352 units and 37,351 units.

The hybrid version of Hyundai Grandeur sedan in third with 34,829 units reflects the excellence of the model amid the growing popularity of full-size hybrid sedans such as the Kour Grande sedan and large size.

Hyundai IONIQ hybrid and Kia SUV Niro hybrid introduced last year adds total of six hybrid models made in the country to the world including hybrid versions of Sonata, K5, Grandeur and K7.