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ISRO's GSAT-17 satellite launched from French Guiana

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Tinuku ~ ISRO's GSAT-17 successfully blasted off on Thursday around 02:00 by Arianespace heavy duty rocket from Kourou spaceport in French Guiana. The communications satellite is the third owned by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) this month, the other two being GSLV MkIII and PSLV C-38 have been launched from Sriharikota, India.

Tinuku ISRO's GSAT-17 satellite launched from French Guiana

The latest launch into ISRO's 21st satellite is conducted by Arianespace. GSAT-17 satellite has an extended I-3K bus configuration and carries load 3,477 kilograms for Normal C-band, Extended C-band and S-band. The satellite also carries equipment for meteorological data relay and search-rescue services.

Arianespace Flight VA238 darts into sky from the Ariane Launching Complex No 3 (ELA 3) at Kourou. The launch of the GSAT-17 became the third satellite launch by ISRO, the other two launch are GSLV MkIII and PSLV C-38 launched by ISRO's own rocket from Sriharikota spaceport.

The GSAT-17 is a heavy satellite type where the ISRO has hitherto been reliant on other partners such as Arianespace for launch. Before the successful launch of GSLV-MkIII-D1 earlier this month, ISRO did not have the ability to launch satellites heavier than 2,500 kilograms into space.

The GSAT-17 was designed and assembled at ISRO Satellite Center in Bengaluru and has been deployed at Kourou's space port since May 15 for tests and pre-launch testing led by Project director Prakash Rao and a team of 20 ISRO engineers.


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