Every smartphone user in India consumes 11 GB per month by 2022

Tinuku ~ Traffic data per smartphone user in India will hit 11 GB per month by 2022. Ericsson released Mobility Report 2017 on Wednesday June 14, 2017 on major trends and forecasts on mobile traffic, subscriptions, consumer behavior and technology uptake in India. Growth is driven by the speed of smartphone adoption, behavior change and operator efficiency.

Tinuku Every smartphone user in India consumes 11 GB per month by 2022

The data traffic per smartphone user in India will grow to 11 GB per month by 2022, while total mobile data traffic is expected to grow around 40 percent or nearly 8 Exabytes (EB) per month compared to 1 EB by the end of 2016.

Data traffic growth is driven by fast-paced smartphone adoption, changes in user behavior and pricing strategies that drive operators' efficiency. Increased distribution and consumption for video, multimedia, mobile banking and digital payments services also encourage data traffic.

By 2022 around 97 percent of mobile data traffic will be the smartphone's main traffic. Data traffic is much more than voice calls and interest in streaming videos continues to grow. Social media services and applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram bring more video streaming.

"New applications are constantly emerging and usage behavior is growing, network performance will play a bigger role, and mobile broadband experience in India is five times more effective in driving loyalty than the structure and pricing of tariffs," said Nitin Bansal, Head of Product Network of Ericsson India.

GSM remains the dominant technology in 2016 with accounts for more than 70 percent of the total mobile. LTE and WCDMA / HSPA are projected to represent 85 percent of all Indian subscriptions by 2022, while 5G is estimated to represent only 0.2 percent of the total mobile subscription of three million.

By 2016 about 23 million cellular IOS connections and by 2022 are estimated to be 191 million. The data is driven by the Government of India's Digital Vision with smart cities and smart villages, IoT and 5G launches.