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Tinuku ~ Kofera Technology receives funding from MDI Ventures (Telkom Group), Indosterling Capital and Discovery Nusantara (DNC). Startup providers of marketing automation platforms based in Jakarta get Pre-Series A funding, although they do not specify how much money is received.

Tinuku Kofera raises pre-series A MDI Ventures, Indosterling and DNC

Kofera Technology's CEO, Bachtiar Rifai, claims Kofera is the first Indonesian startup to provide software as a service (SaaS) as a marketing automation platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The company said it currently has 5,000 accounts of various types of business models registered in Kofera. Funding Pre-Series A is very helpful in product development, research, and market expansion.

Bachtiar said the increase in digital marketing needs by companies in Indonesia is not proportional to the number of human resources. The scarcity of talent in the digital industry resulted in a surge in costs to recruit the ideal team.

On the other hand, the increasing need of digital marketing is also seen by digital advertising spending in 2015 of about US$200 million. Based on Google Temasek research, the figure is predicted to rise to reach US$2.7 billion in 2025.

Bachtiar said digital advertising cost expenditure in 2017 is expected to increase to US$507 million. Kofera is here to close the gap between the need for high digital marketing and the scarcity of human resources.

Kofera offers four fundamental modules: Campaign Builder, Optimizer, Monitoring and Analytics. All four are integrated with digital channels that include search, display, remarketing, and social media.

The Kofera platform has also been optimized to vary to achieve digital marketing campaign goals of each company with various industry backgrounds, company scale, and target customers.


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