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LG wireless vacuum cleaner to shake Dyson's dominance

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Tinuku ~ LG Electronics on Monday 12 June launched three premium wireless vacuum cleaners to strengthen its presence in the global market. South Korea's second-largest electronics maker exhibiting A9, R9 robot cleaners and T9 barrel devices as a foothold in the global wireless vacuum market currently dominated by Dyson from the UK.

Tinuku LG wireless vacuum cleaner to shake Dyson's dominance

"Currently Dyson is ranked 1st in the global wireless vacuum market, but our new product will be the basis for becoming a world leader in this sector," said Senior Vice President Ryu Jae-cheol in Seoul.

LG Electronics estimates the size of the global vacuum market reached 14 billion dollars last year with 30 percent for wireless cleaners. The company plans to introduce A9 in Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Australia and European countries this year.

"North America is the largest vacuum market in the world and our priority target is to introduce new products. We do not plan to lower the price of new devices in overseas markets because this is a premium product with our latest technology," the company said.

LG Electronics says the A9 will be priced between 890,000 won and 1.29 million won in Korea. The stick type vacuum cleaner has a smart inverter motor to rotate up to 115,000 times per minute or 16 times faster than a jet engine.

LG Electronics has hinted that the company will gradually reduce its vacuum cleaner business by wiring and will focus more on wireless products in the future.

The air filter has high efficiency and is able to block dust emissions up to 99.9 percent. Design A9 looks similar to vacuum cleaner type V6 and V8 series from Dyson which is popular with motor and dust containers at the top of the device.

"It's the same type of vacuum cleaner, it's not true we make product like Dyson, all the stick type vacuum cleaners look the same because of the product category," the company said.


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