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Lyft and nuTonomy collaborate build autonomous cab

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Tinuku ~ Lyft and nuTonomy partnered for ride sharing service using autonomous car. San Francisco-based taxi starup and Massachusetts-based transportation software startup will collaborate to gain insight into all aspects of passenger comfort and safety in autonomous vehicles in Boston.

Tinuku Lyft and nuTonomy collaborate build autonomous cab car

Uber's rival Lyft said on Tuesday June 6 it will begin testing automotive ride sharing in Boston with a partnership with nuTonomy startup technology. They will collaborate to get data about users' comfort, safety and security.

Lyft's move follows the efforts made by Uber who have conducted automotive vehicle test programs in several cities in the US. The Lyft-NuTonomy test will be conducted in Boston where nuTonomy has been testing self-driving electric cars since the beginning of the year.

"We envision a world where car ownership is optional and the city is designed for people and not cars," says Lyft founder and chief executive Logan Green.

"Partnering with nuTonomy is an important step towards this vision. The nuTonomy team is one of the first drivers in the development of autonomous vehicles, and we look forward to bringing their autonomous vehicles to the Lyft network," Green said.

The nuTonomy engineers will design a special vehicle using a software company created by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. NuTonomy also plans to launch an autonomous on-demand service in Singapore by 2018.

Both not only focus on autonomous car sensor systems, but also on routing, ordering and how the system interacts and communicates with passengers. Users will be picked up by cars driven by the software.

Lyft announced an open platform program where driverless software and software can experiment on Lyft vehicles. General Motors has invested US$500 million in Lyft, but the nuTonomy project will use Renault Zoe's electric car.

"Collaboration is the merging of forces with Lyft in the US, we will build a great experience for users to drive their own cars," says Karl Iagnemma, CEO and co-founder of nuTonomy.

"The two companies are very concerned about urban transport issues and the future of our city, and we look forward to working with Lyft to continue improving our autonomous vehicle software system," said Iagnemma.


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