NASA Orion passed abort system test

Tinuku ~ NASA's Orion spacecraft has passed the ultimate safety test. A series of tests for the launch abort system as an important part to ensure the crews remains safe on the launch pad and in capsules for space travel designed to bring astronauts to places like the Moon and Mars.

Tinuku NASA Orion passed abort system test

NASA Orion has successfully completed a series of tests for major safety systems where researchers tested Orion's abortization system on June 15th. The 17-foot motor runs for five seconds, tied to a vertical test position with nozzles pointing toward the sky.

"The launch abort system is an important part of ensuring the crew remains safe on the launch pad and on the way into space," said Orion's Launch Systems Manager Robert Decoursey.

"It takes another step to prove the safety of the spacecraft as we prepare for missions out of the moon," Decoursey said.

The launch abortization system is positioned on top of the module and will play an important role to protect future crews traveling in space. Motor abort is responsible for pushing the crew module away from the Space Launch System rocket in case of an emergency.

One of three motors will send the crew module to a safe distance from the failed rocket and steer it properly for a safe landing to the Atlantic Ocean if such a situation occurs.

The engineers began analyzing the data and verifying that the motor would light up in milliseconds and would work as expected at high temperatures. The researchers also evaluated how the parachute system that ensures the crew module falls safely to Earth.

Orion back to Earth from space missions will use parachutes in the right order to help slow down crew modules from high speed and make soft landings as it falls in the Pacific Ocean.